Me, myself, I, mé féin agus mise. 

Writing about oneself is always difficult.
I have a very good life!

I'm an academic and graphic designer living in New York.
I teach and write in the Irish language and also run a graphics studio; these somewhat different strands very often intersect with one another. 

I have always been an advocate for An Ghaeilge, the native language of Ireland. I love the smooth sound and poetic nature of it and how it is woven through Irish history. As a child I wanted to learn more, as an adult I found the language waiting for me. I've experienced first-hand how language can shape how one interacts with the world.
That sounds a little weird but it is nonetheless true.

I love language, clean design, watercolor, dogs, cats, cocktails, baking, yoga, skiing, sailing and books in no particular order.
I like to play with words and dogs. 

I moved from Dublin, Ireland, to New York in 1993.
Nowadays I split my time between Westchester County NY, and the beautiful coast of Maine. 

How lucky am I?

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New York University, University College Dublin.